At VGKracing we always try to improve our products and the performance of our parts because we always want to offer the best to our customers. Excellence and perfection are always our aim.

We are currently developing a system with variable inlet length operated electronically by the ECU.

With this system we aim at more torque and power available on a wider rpm range without having to trade off some of that power / torque at low or high rpm.

Besides, we would have the ability to program our ECU exactly for the desired rpm figures, extending or reducing trumpet lengths to optimize greatly the performance of our engine.

We are also working on the evolution of the new 2.0 Prometheus MK V engine.

We are analysing and testing increases of the block height. This enables us to increase displacement and con rods length.

This increases the con rod ratio with the subsequent advantages regarding engine losses.

Some of the advantages would be reduced friction, coolant capacity increases, a larger displacement and more piston time around TDC. Indeed:

-The longer con rods between centres decrease friction.

-The increased coolant capacity improves engine temperature control.

-The increased displacement provides more power/torque.

-Having the piston a longer time around TDC increases the cylinder charge.

Among the trade offs would be an increase of the con rod weight and a longer time of the piston around BDC.

-However, the displacement increase compensates already the torque trade offs due to the longer piston time around BDC and the con rods extra weight.

If we analyse the advantages and trade offs, we obviously realize that the balance is in favour of the advantages.

These large displacement and con rods length offer us certainly increased power and torque compared to the current 2.0 Prometheus MK V engine, improving performance. At VGKracing we know the gain is not huge, but we believe it is a worthwhile improvement.

We hope to have more news very soon and to be able to share them with all of you.

We keep on working at your service.

At VGKracing we we appreciate very much your opinion on our work. Please let us know your opinion about these two projects by clicking Here.



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